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Dear Colleagues,


Welcome back for a new LBA year, in a calendar year that very likely is the most unique one we’ll ever know.  It was perhaps overly optimistic of me, although I do not think that I was alone, to think that by now life would be back to normal.  In March, I never imagined that, six months later, our children would be faced with the prospect of online school again, that fall sports seasons would be in jeopardy, that our courthouses would remain largely closed, and that we would be wearing face masks in public, not to mention that we would have suffered so much loss of life worldwide.

Although life is very far from normal, we are all striving to adjust to the “new normal.”  Like the leaders of all other organizations, your LBA officers, Board, and Executive Director, Lisa Oliver, have been grappling with making plans for the upcoming year.  We have worked hard to create alternative formats for “gathering” together with our colleagues and friends.  Recognizing that many of our members are understandably reluctant to gather in person, we have created a hybrid monthly meeting that will allow those who are comfortable with in-person meetings to enjoy a luncheon at the Club at Eaglebrooke and allow other members to join us via Zoom for a CLE presentation.  These hybrid meetings with CLE are planned through the end of the year in order to provide added value to our members.

In addition, we have planned a monthly social event for each month from September through December.  In September, we hope you will join us for a virtual “meet and greet” designed to allow our members, new and old, to get to know each other a little better.  In October, we’ll host a virtual cooking class where those who participate will be guided by a Publix Aprons Chef through the preparation of a delicious meal made in the comfort of your own kitchen.  In November, we’ll host a virtual trivia night where teams will be randomly selected to compete against each other for cash prizes – another great way to get to know new people or reconnect with old friends.  Finally, in December, we have planned an old-fashioned family drive-in night.  I think you’ll agree with me that your LBA leaders have really come up with some creative ways for us to stay connected in a fun but safe way. 

I encourage all of you to join us – to stay engaged in this time of physical distancing.  Hopefully, by the start of 2021 or sooner, we will be able to get back to all of our usual meetings and events that you know and love.  In the meantime, I look forward to some new experiences and to being together with you all, even if it must be through the wonders of technology.  Stay safe!


Warmest Regards,                                                          

Barbara Davis

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