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Greetings fellow LBA Members!

Our “Getting to Know You” August luncheon was a resounding success! This was the second year that your Lakeland Bar Association opened its year with a free flowing non-speaker bar luncheon The success of the luncheon was apparent by the fact that conversations happily flew at tables and between tables and the noise had not diminished even after final announcements and the bang of a gavel. Due to the positive response your Board of Directors received after the luncheon, you can count on this being an annual occurrence.  Kudos to President Elect Barbara Davis for coming up with the idea!

Our October luncheon featured our elected Public Defender, Rex Dimmig. Mr. Dimmig is a powerful, engaging public speaker with a zealous sense of justice combined with a critical eye towards any legislation he believes would subvert it.  His speech did not disappoint.

 So, two successful luncheons are behind us and there are many more to come.  Sheriff Grady Judd, who was recently called to Washington for a meeting with the U.S. Attorney General, will be the November speaker – this is a great time to tell your friends to join!

Every member of the LBA should consider himself or herself an ambassador to the LBA. Please let every non-member in your circle of attorney friends know that it is not too late to join and joining is now easier than ever as it can be done via credit card on our website.  The LBA has many fun planned events (see the front of this Res Integra) on top of six more luncheons - two of which will give you CLE credits! Still, apparently this is not enough of a reason, for some to join as I have been posited the following question by a non-member:

What does the LBA have to offer that other Bar Associations don’t? 

Now, I am not knocking other bar associations and would encourage everyone to join as many as time allows (the more the merrier) – but, and this is a big “but”, you cannot find a more diverse bar association in all of Polk County than the LBA.  Although I understand the desire to mingle with attorneys of a like kind, you are guaranteed to be ejected out of your comfort zone and meet all types of attorneys in the LBA!  As you, a member, already know, the characteristics all LBA members share are a love of good conversation, enjoyment in listening to engaging speakers and above all, just having a good time in fellowship with other collegial LBA members.  So, please, encourage your non-member friends to join Polk County’s largest and oldest and most diverse bar association – the Lakeland Bar Association, so they too may reap the benefits.

Speaking of a good time, the result of the August luncheon survey is in – the LBA Holiday Party will be held on (can you hear a drum roll?) ……. SATURDAY,  DECEMBER 7!  This gala will be held at Kristen Carlson’s beautiful Spanish Colonial a block away from Lake Hollingsworth. There will be live music, an open bar and first class hors d’oeuvres and much laughter at this elegant soiree, so please include this on your “Absolutely Have to Go” list.

Thank-you all for joining and making this such a wonderful bar association!

Don Conway

President 2019-2020

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