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As I pen this address of the LBA, I am reminded of its long history of service and collegiality of the legal profession in Polk County and Lakeland in particular. When I first arrived in Florida in 1988, I was advised that Lakeland is really a small town and, in a nice way, everybody was into everybody’s business! Well, I’m not sure if that was true, but news sure spread fast.  That was 30 years ago.  Today, even though the number of lawyers has more than doubled from 1988, I’m fearful that we are losing that “personal” interaction and collegiality that used to bind us.  We could be adversaries in cases that we handled, but that never stopped us from having wonderful, personal relationships that made us part of this great, fraternal profession.  Sadly, I think the development of technologies has very quickly eroded the interpersonal relationships that we used to enjoy.  It’s now far more convenient to tweet, text, post, snapchat and email than it is to phone or have a face-to-face meeting with someone.  This is reflected in the LBA’s membership rolls and attendance at meetings.  Those who used to be members are gradually leaving the LBA and those who remain members get too busy to come to meetings. 

The LBA is about its members, YOU! There is no better way or venue to get back to the personal collegiality we sorely need back in our lives today.  Although I was a long-time LBA member, I was a bit of slacker and only attended the “big” events.  Around 10 years ago, I resumed being active in the LBA and I am not disappointed.  I look forward to board meetings, membership meetings, social events and even CLE meetings!  I look forward to seeing the active members who feel as I do.  So, I would like you all to reach out and seek out a colleague who is not a member or a lapse and get them to reintroduce PERSONAL contact with our fellow attorneys and judges in a relaxed non-courtroom setting.  The worst thing that might happen is you have a great meal and reconnect with friends PERSONALLY.  Make the LBA about YOU and US!         



Warmest regards,

Nick Troiano


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